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Photograpy & Video Production
An extensive portfolio of photography from around the globe is available for your needs. Or perhaps an onsite shoot is required to promote your  business or property. See our portfolio at: Shutterstock & Fotolia

Session Information

Scheduling – We try to accommodate all your needs, but it is best to book a session at least 30 days in advance.

Locations – Naples has the advantage of an picturesque beach for sunset sessions. But there are many suitable venues. 

What To Where – Get creative! Many families like to wear the same colored shirts and slacks. The choice is yours. 

Pricing – We offer competitive rates for all your photography and video needs. Call or email for more information. 

Travel Planning

We focus on affordable luxury travel planning to destinations worldwide.  We have been in the travel industry for over 30 years, specializing in  customized vacations and tours. To start planning your next vacation visit our website at Donna Salerno Travel 

 See our YouTube Channel  with over 2 million views, featuring the “Top Ten Things To Do”  at the world’s most interesting destinations. Also view Five Star hotels  in popular cities. 


 Larry has been a business consultant to some of the world’s wealthiest  businessman. For most of the last 25 years Larry worked in the luxury  yacht industry. He was in charge of managing and marketing multi-million  dollar yachts to the world’s elite. What he learned along the way is  that it doesn’t take a “boatload” of money to turn a good idea into a  financial success. Now you can benefit from his experience and learn how  to promote your business. Learn how to use the internet and technology  to help you on the road to success. 

About Us

 Larry and Donna have traveled all over the world and have visited many exotic destinations along the way.

Larry spent many years in and around the sea. He has lived aboard  yachts and sailed the world from Monaco to St Barts. He has worked in  the marine industry for over 20 years from yacht captain to mega yacht  management.

Donna has over 30 years in the travel business. She specializes in  worldwide luxury travel including Europe, Africa, South America, and the  far East.
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